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Iowa City Book Festival: Sept. 28-Oct. 13

Find the full Schedule of Iowa City Book Festival events at  The Coralville Public Library is hosting two Festival events this year.  Join us for the Paul Engle Prize Ceremony on September 29 and The Art, Craft, and Call to be a Spiritual Writer on October 10.

The Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization is proud to offer you nearly two weeks of excellent, one-of-a-kind, free, literary programming as part of the 2022 Iowa City Book Festival. Iowa City is a City of Literature for many reasons: The wonderful writing programs at the University of Iowa, our small presses and magazines, our wonderful libraries, our bookstores, and amenities like the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk.

The Iowa City Book Festival is organized by the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature, a nonprofit 501(c)3 that manages the Iowa City area’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature. The City of Literature works to advance its mission of celebrating and supporting literature on a local, regional, national, and international level, connecting readers and writers through the power of story.