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Community Resource Navigator (CRN)

5 Things to Know About the CRN


What is a CRN?

A person who helps individuals & families get access to resources in the community.


Who is the CRN for the City of Coralville?

Samira Abdalla, MPH

Samira Abdalla, MPH


Where do I go to get access to the CRN?

Contact the Coralville Public Library to make an appointment with Samira.


When is the CRN available to meet?

Samira is available by appointment or drop-ins.

Monday-Friday : 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


Why is a CRN important?

- A CRN improves access to local programs & services.

- A CRN identifies barriers to resources.

- A CRN acts as an advocate for community members.

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