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150th Anniversary Wheat Pasting Projects

Wheat pasted murals have been installed around Coralville to celebrate the City’s “Rich History” and “Bright Future”.

Rich History

In celebration of Coralville’s 150th Anniversary large images from Coralville’s Digital History Library have been wheat pasted onto seven buildings around Coralville. 

Mural Locations

  • Chongs Supermarket
  • Coralville Community Food Pantry
  • Coralville Public Library
  • Coralville Recreation Center
  • Iowa River Power Restaurant
  • Randy’s Flooring Coralville
  • West Music Coralville

8th Avenue Garage Doors

Find six wheat pasted murals on garage doors along historic 8th Avenue.

Please be respectful of residents by viewing these murals from public sidewalks.

Bright Future

To show Coralville’s “Bright Future” the photographs of current students have been wheat pasted on the outside of Northwest Junior High, Kirkwood Elementary, and Coralville Central Elementary as part of an Inside Out Project Group Action.

The Inside Out Project is a global art platform that helps communities around the world to stand up for what they believe in and spark global change locally. Group Leaders create their Actions by displaying large-scale black-and-white portraits of members of their community in public spaces, creating a work of public art. Since then, more than 400,000 people in 148 countries and territories have participated in the Project. Thanks to participants’ donations, the Project has reached all of the continents, with over 2,300 actions created. Inside Out Actions have revolved around a range of topics such as diversity, community, feminism, racism, climate change, education, children’s rights, and art. These installations are documented and shared online. 

Wheat-paste murals vary greatly in terms of their lifespan, based on weather, mounting surface, and numerous other factors. While we are sad to see the Coralville Central images begin disintegrating early, we continue to celebrate the bright future of Coralville represented by this sampling of the wonderful faces of our community!

Wheat pasting student photos on the side of Kirkwood Elementary as part of an Inside Out Project action.
Current student faces wheat pasted on the side of Coralville Central Elementary School.

What is Wheat Pasting?

Wheat paste is a temporary biodegradable glue made from three simple ingredients: flour, water, and sugar.  Wheat paste is used to create temporary murals by pasting printed paper to surfaces, such as buildings.  Wheat paste murals are ephemeral.  They should last for 3-6 months but can last much longer.

Coralville’s wheat pasting projects are being led by artist Isaac Campbell.

Issac Cambell