5.02 Media Equipment Use Policy

The Coralville Public Library provides audiovisual equipment, computers, and other technology for use within the Library. 

1. Using Library equipment assumes responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment or to media used in conjunction with equipment. Limited instruction in the use of equipment may be available.

2. Disruptive behavior or abuse to equipment may result in termination of a patron’s privilege to use library equipment.

3. Use of the Internet on any CPL device implies agreement with the CPL Internet Use Agreement.

4. The library holds no responsibility for the privacy of data entered onto or saved on devices, or data sent over wireless. The library’s wireless is an open network.

5. Any data saved on a library device may be erased when the session has expired. The library is not responsible for any information left on a device by the user.  Nothing saved or downloaded to library devices will be permanently saved. 

6. Users agree to abide by library procedures regarding reservations, time limits, and checking out of equipment. 

7. The library tries to keep equipment in good working order, but is not responsible for loss of data due to equipment malfunctioning. 


(Computer Use Adopted: March 1989
Revised: April 1992
Reviewed: July 1996
Reviewed: January 2000
Revised: June 12, 2002
Revised: January 2006
Revised: May 2009
Reviewed: September 2012
Revised: September 2016
Revised:  August 2017