4.03.1 Statement of Concern about Library Resources

Concerns about library resources are reviewed by the librarian responsible for selecting the material or programming in question and the Library Director. The Library Director will decide on a course of action and respond to this statement. An appeal of the Library Director’s decision may be made to the Board of Trustees.

Please provide the information requested below.

Name________________________________________________ Date_______

Address _____________________________________________

City _________________________ State_____ Zip________ Phone______

1. Resources on which you are commenting:
_____Book _____ Audiovisual Item
_____ Magazine _____ Content of Library Program
_____ Newspaper _____ Other (please describe)

Title ________________________________________________________

Author/Producer ______________________________________________

2. What brought this title to your attention?

3. Please comment on the resource as a whole as well as being specific on those matters which concern you. (Use other side if needed.) Comment:

4. What resource(s) do you suggest to provide additional information on this topic?

Return this form to the Director, Coralville Public Library.

Adopted: August 1996
Reviewed: January 2000
Reviewed: August 2012