2.07 Community Display Policy

The Library, as an educational and cultural institution, will display and exhibit information of interest and enlightenment to the library community to further the following purposes:

  1. To increase awareness of the Library's resources, including but not limited to library collections, services, and events.
  2. To fulfill the library’s mission to provide educational and cultural enrichment and to promote intellectual freedom and life-long learning.
  3. To highlight the non-profit organizations, agencies, and individuals engaged in intellectual, charitable, civic, cultural, educational, or recreational activities in Johnson County. The space may not be used for exhibits that are commercial in nature, promote a specific religious concept, espouse partisan politics or demean groups or individuals.

In accordance with this purpose:

  1. The Library does not accept responsibility for ensuring that all points of view are represented in displays, or for the accuracy of information in displays.
  2. The Library reserves the right to refuse displays that do not further the purpose of the Community Display Policy.
  3. The Library may designate spaces for particular types of display to make the best use of display units and/or to make displays accessible to the intended audience.
  4. The group or individual preparing the display must be identified as part of the display.
  5. Groups or individuals should reserve display space by contacting the library at least a week in advance.  Community displays may not be scheduled more than  one year in advance.  In order to encourage diversity of displays, individuals or groups may be limited to one display per year.
  6. Groups or individuals exhibiting a display will be responsible for all setup and teardown of the display.  Display materials must be removed by the designated date.  The Library reserves the right to fine groups or individuals who do not do so.
  7. Items on display are not covered by the Library's insurance policy. No items shall be placed on display until a Waiver of  Responsibility form has been signed by the owner(s) of all items to be displayed.
  8. Prices may not be listed for any items that are on display.
  9. Prior to installation of a display, the responsible individual will receive the Guidelines for Community Displays and sign the Waiver of Responsibility: Displays.


Adopted: December 1980
Reviewed: June 1987
Reviewed: July 1989
Revised: December 1992
Revised: December 1993
Revised: May 1996
Reviewed: January 2000
            (Library Bill of Rights Appended)
Reviewed: May 2004
Revised: January 2009
Reviewed: April 2012
Revised: June 2016