July 6, 2016 Minutes

Coralville Public Library Board of Trustees
July 6, 2016

Present:  Deborah Hatz, Keith Jones, Shaner Magalhaes, Lisa Martin, Lindsay Moen, Julie Pulkrabek, Jim Smith, Alison Ames Galstad (Library Director), Ellen Hampe Alexander (Assistant Library Director), Mitch Gross (City Council Representative).

Martin called the meeting to order at 6:00.

The Board considered approval of the agenda. Hatz  motioned that the agenda be approved, Pulkrabek seconded. The motion passed unanimously. 

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the June 8th 2016 meeting. Jones moved that they be approved as presented, Smith seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered approval of the bills for June.  There were two sets of bills – one set is those incurred in June but the final bills of the FY, the other set is being paid from the new FY.  Pulkrabek moved that the bills be approved as presented, Magalhaes seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.   

The Board reviewed the Confidentiality of Library Patrons policy and the Library Hours policy.  There were no proposed changes.  Magalhaes asked if the Library gets requests for extended Sunday hours – Galstad and Alexander said they weren’t aware of any direct requests, but Sundays continue to be very busy.  Martin asked if retention of library records was addressed in library policies, and Galstad said she’ll look into it but clarified the Library’s practice of not retaining circulation records once the materials have been returned to the Library.

Smith gave a report from the Friends of the Library.  The Friends have found two people to replace Mardell to coordinate the Baby Book Bags program. They are still looking for a vice president. The next book sale will be August 6th and 7th, and they have lots of books right now, including a recent donation of 15 boxes of books in German. Bill Benson and Alison were on KXIC last month promoting the Friends, and they Friends have a booth free of charge once per month at the Coralville Farmer’s Market. 

The Foundation met in June, it was Heather Woody’s first meeting.  They went over Putt Fore the Library receipts & discussed how it is going.  Galstad has talked with Woody about helping with strategic planning. Smith asked when the last community survey was done.  Galstad will invite Woody to the next Board meeting.  

Galstad gave Director's Report:

-Circulation was steady from last June, the number of people coming into the library was up slightly.  The income reported as gifts is from the Friends for wish list items and volunteer milestone awards.  As the Meeting Room Use report reflects, programs have been very well-attended. 

-There was a plan in place for fixing the roof and then addressing interior fixes, and then one of the original leaks in the south part of the children’s wing began leaking.  This ‘new’ leak was not covered by the fix.  Galstad emailed the group working on the fix to say that this new leak needs to be addressed in the plan.  Steve Lee from VJ Engineering agreed, but Galstad is waiting to hear anything further. Magalhaes asked about who is financially responsible, Galstad said that they City has been clear that this has been problem since construction and we should not be responsible.  Magalhaes and Pulkrabek asked what the timeline is, Galstad is waiting to hear.  Several members of the Board also expressed concern about the conditions inside the building with possibly mold, and concern about library operations being affected by this work.   

-Galstad just returned from the ALA conference.  As ILA president she attended lots of meetings, and it was an excellent conference.  She has ongoing ILA meetings. 

-Today Galstad had a meeting with the Paul Engle Award Committee of the City of Literature Board.  They are currently going through the selection process. 

-Galstad was also on a committee that produced the Dottie Ray film – it premiered at the CCPA a few weeks ago, and has been sent to IPTV.  They are working on distributing the film.

-We received lots of positive feedback about the library’s float in the 4th of July parade.  Beth Bartlett and her husband did a great job with the float.


The next meeting will be on August 3rd, 2016.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Alexander
Assistant Library Director                                                      
(Subject to approval at the August 2016 meeting.)