January 4, 2017 Minutes

Coralville Public Library Board of Trustees
January 4, 2017

Present: Keith Jones, Shaner Magalhaes, Lisa Martin, Lindsay Moen, Julie Pulkrabek, Jim Smith, Alison Ames Galstad (Library Director), Ellen Hampe Alexander (Assistant Library Director), Matt Bock (Library Network Services Administrator), Mitch Gross (City Council Representative).
Absent: Deborah Hatz.

President Martin called the meeting to order at 6:00.

The Board considered approval of the agenda. Pulkrabek motioned that the agenda be approved as presented, Smith seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the December 7th, 2016 meeting. Jones moved that they be approved as presented, Magalhaes seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered approval of the bills for December.  Martin asked about the Bibliotheca invoice – Galstad explained that they are the vendor for our RFID gates and tags.  Jones asked about AroundCampus.  Galstad explained that this is the datebook for the University, and we have an advertisement in it. Magalhaes moved that the bills be approved as presented, Moen seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Matt Bock gave the staff report. He showed a Powerpoint presentation of a couple of big projects coming up,  upgrades of the meeting room technology and Envisionware ecommerce and self-checks.  He outlined upgrades in meeting room equipment, and explained that we have gotten quotes from two vendors.  Gross asked if we would need a third according to the bid laws, Galstad told him that the only other local vendor we are aware of is in the Quad Cities and only does much larger projects.  The bid from Conference Technologies, Inc. was almost $20,000 less than the other, and we were happy with their proposal. Magalhaes asked about adding audio equipment upstairs that could be used for further author readings and programs.  Bock said we hadn’t thought of it, but this will be an expandable system because it is centralized and tied together through the server room.  Smith asked about upgrading the storytime room equipment.  Bock said it is rarely used and any large programs are downstairs.  Bock then explained the Envisionware project, which will include replacement of the self-checkout system, ecommerce so we can begin to take credit cards, and updating the cash register software.  Jones asked how these projects will be paid for; Galstad said that there is reserve money and Enrich Iowa money for the meeting room updates, and room in the regular budget for Envisionware updates.  Martin asked if online donations will be able to be designated as for either the library or the Foundation.  Pulkrabek asked about “rounding up” a fine payment to add a donation to it, and Gross wondered about the idea of recurring donations.  The AV upgrades will take place in February or early March – meeting rooms have been blocked off, and will take about a week.  Jones asked how long Bock has been at CPL, he said he started about four years ago.  Jones asked about other technological issues coming up, Matt said possibly updating the public computer software, and looking into digital signage within the library are possible upcoming projects. 

The Board considered the Annual Report (State Survey Tool) for FY16.  Galstad had emailed the report to the Board, and gave them a copy with last year’s statistics on it to compare.  Jones moved that it be accepted, Magalhaes seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered election of 2017 officers for the Board of Trustees.  Current officers are: President Martin, Vice-president Magalhaes, Secretary Jones.  Pulkrabek nominated the same slate of officers, Smith seconded.   The motion passed unanimously.  Jones asked Gross if there were many applicants for his and Magalhaes’ appointments.  Gross said that there were more applicants than they have ever received for the Board before.  

Smith gave a Friends report. They are trying book sorting in the morning, and had a good turnout for their first sorting, though they realize it is not possible for people who work.  There will be a book sale on February 3rd and 4th.

Galstad reported that the Foundation has donations coming in from the annual campaign, she is working on thank you notes.

Galstad gave Director's Report:
-Circulation statistics and the number of people coming into the building were steady from last year.  We were open two fewer days this December than last year. There are $4295 in gifts - $1000 is from the Winklers and $3000 from Scheels.  She will have a full list of the end-of-year gifts at the next meeting.
-Galstad asked that the Board formally approve the meeting room upgrades.  Magalhaes moved that the lower bid be accepted, Smith seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
-Lighting was also upgraded in the children’s wing.
-As the Meeting Room Use report shows, meeting rooms were very busy in December – typically meeting room use slows down in December.
-Galstad is now past president of ILA, but still serves on the Executive Board as Past President and Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee. The ILA  annual conference will be in Coralville this October, so Galstad will also serve as local arrangements chair.  She is also president of the Iowa Women’s Foundation for one more year, and is VP- President Elect of UNESCO City of Literature.    
-Strategic planning with the staff went well.  Becky Heil from the State Library facilitated.  Once Galstad gets information from her, the coordinators will meet and hammer out a draft plan from this input.  She may have a draft for the Board at the February meeting.

The Library is not closed for MLK day, but is closed on President’s Day in February.  Gross asked if we do any programming on MLK day; Galstad said that we generally have a display. There were several good ideas of programs and Galstad will pursue something.

Magalhaes asked about the Legislator’s reception.  Alexander attended and said that attendance was good – Hatz was there representing the Board. Librarians presented on collaborative things they are doing.

Smith asked if the Weapons Free Zone info has been posted yet; Galstad said she is looking for signs that have both this and no smoking on them.

Pulkrabek asked if the roof has held up in recent rains; Galstad reported that it has! 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50.

The next meeting will be on February 1st, 2017.  


Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Alexander
Assistant Library Director                                                      
(Subject to approval at the February 2016 meeting.)