August 3, 2016 Minutes

Coralville Public Library Board of Trustees
August 3, 2016

Present: Deborah Hatz, Keith Jones, Shaner Magalhaes, Lisa Martin, Lindsay Moen, Julie Pulkrabek, Jim Smith, Alison Ames Galstad (Library Director), Ellen Hampe Alexander (Assistant Library Director), Mitch Gross (City Council Representative), Heather Woody.

Jones called the meeting to order at 6:00, as neither Martin nor Magalhaes were not in attendance yet.

The Board considered approval of the agenda. Pulkrabek motioned that the agenda be approved, Smith seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the July 6th 2016 meeting. Hatz moved that they be approved as presented, Smith seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Magalhaes took over running the meeting.

The Board considered approval of the bills for July.  Jones asked what the payment to Goodwill was.  Galstad explained that this was to support employment of 2-3 people who regularly do some work for us through Goodwill. Jones asked about ProQuest – Galstad explained that this is the bill for the Press Citizen on microfilm. Smith asked about the OCLC bill, Galstad explained that OCLC is who we get some cataloging records from, and also utilize for processing some ILLs. Jones moved that the bills be approved as presented, Pulkrabek seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Heather Woody gave a report, explaining a process she facilitated for the Cedar Rapids Public Library Board, Friends, and Foundation which fed into the library’s strategic planning.   Heather has had her own business of facilitation and business coaching for seventeen years. Galstad has also talked with Becky Heil from the State Library about facilitating planning for the library staff with possibly a public component.  Jones asked about a timeline for this process, Galstad said she hopes to begin this fall.  Gross asked about having Kelly or Ellen from the City involved, Galstad will ask Becky Heil’s advice.  The Board agreed that this would be a good approach to strategic planning.  Gross asked about the possibility of all three boards meeting and if the meeting would have to be public if the Board had a quorum.  Galstad will look into this and check with Mandy Easter at the State Law Library.

Smith gave a report from the Friends of the Library.  The Friends have a book sale this coming Friday and Saturday.  Saturday they will offer a bag of books for $3.

The Foundation hasn’t met since their June meeting.

Galstad gave Director's Report:

Circulation and people coming into the building were both slightly down from last year.  Reference questions are up; Alexander thinks some of this might be reporting (new staff), but that she got lots of feedback from staff who work at the Reference desk saying that things ARE a lot busier.

Galstad attended a roof meeting yesterday, on the roof.  She showed the Board members a color sample, which she said they looked at in different lights on the roof, and think it’s a good match.  Galstad is waiting to hear the timeline on the order – the underlayment should not be exposed more than 60 days, so they will need to time starting the project to accommodate this.  Magalhaes asked if interior repairs will happen simultaneously, Galstad thinks they will do the exterior before beginning any interior work.  They will do another water test once the underlayment is down before any metal is put down.

Galstad had preliminary Summer Reading Program numbers:

Adults 530 participated, 35% completion rate (slightly down from 2015)
Teens – 340 participated,  45% completion rate (up from last year)
Children’s – 1966 participants, includes daycares.

Galstad had a conference call for ILA Conference planning today. 

The City of Literature Board chose Roxane Gay for this year’s Paul Engle award, and it was announced today.  She accepted and can make it here.  The event will be at CPL, she will work with young writers in town, etc. The talk at CPL & giving of the award will be on Thursday October 6th.

Pulkrabek asked how the Johnson County Fair booth went.  Galstad said she hasn’t yet heard numbers, but knows that there was a steady stream of visitors. 

Galstad brought up the concern that Martin brought up at the last meeting about privacy of patron records.  She said that she recently got a notification that the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom released new guidelines for privacy with technology, so Galstad and Alexander will review these guidelines in the context of CPL’s policies. 

Galstad reported that Carla Hayden was appointed to the Librarian of Congress, and that Joni Ernst did not support it.  Ernst had reached out to ILA for a recommendation and input earlier, and this spring at National Library Legislative Day her senate office indicated that she would support Hayden’s appointment.  Several ILA members wrote to her asking about her non-support – Galstad shared Ernst’s response with the Board. 

Alexander reported that she and Laura Crossett visited the IMCC Prison to talk with their inmate council about library services.  Crossett has designed an abbreviated form for library cards which asks much more about their reading preferences, and we’ll continue to figure out what services we could set up. 

Alexander also reported on a GotoMeeting she recently attended with representatives from the Iowa State Bar Association, who are working on polling libraries about what they could use in Welcome Centers to assist new immigrants.

Alexander also reported that she is part of a committee working on making the scanned photos from the Tim Walch book project accessible, and possibly continue to collect more historical photos.  

The next meeting will be on September 7th, 2016.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Alexander
Assistant Library Director                                                      
(Subject to approval at the September 2016 meeting.)