April 5, 2017 Minutes

Coralville Public Library Board of Trustees
April 5, 2017

Present: Keith Jones, Shaner Magalhaes, Lisa Martin, Lindsay Moen, Julie Pulkrabek, Jim Smith, Alison Ames Galstad (Library Director), Ellen Hampe Alexander (Assistant Library Director), and 5 students & Shana from Shana Stuart’s Public Libraries class from the University of Iowa.
Absent: Deborah Hatz, Mitch Gross (City Council Representative).

President Martin called the meeting to order at 6:00.

The Board considered approval of the agenda as presented. Jones motioned that the agenda be approved with item #4 removed (Glenn was unable to attend tonight’s meeting), Magalhaes seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the March 1, 2017 meeting. Pulkrabek moved that they be approved as presented, Smith seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. Jones asked about plans for the Community Meal.  Alexander updated the board on plans, which include live music, teens doing face painting, guests planting tomatoes to take home, and a book walk in the storytime room.  The meal will be from 5:30-7:30 and the library will remain open. We hope to grill and have a lot of the activities on the front lawn.  There will be a meeting with the food pantry next week.

The Board considered approval of the bills for March. Magalhaes moved that the bills be approved as presented, Moen seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. Galstad mentioned the payments to Goodwill.  The first is wages for our employees through Goodwill, the second is for Laura and our Goodwill employees to attend an upcoming dinner where we will receive an Edgar award.

The Board considered the recommendation from the Volunteer Service Award Committee.  Pulkrabek, Hatz, and Moen made up this year’s committee. Pulkrabek said that via email discussion they accepted a nomination that Bill Benson receives the Pat Dee Volunteer Service Award this year. Pulkrabek motioned that the Board present the award to Benson this year.  Smith seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  Smith will attend the Friends meeting and present the award.    

The Board reviewed the recent Exclusionary Zone policy exception request.  Galstad had emailed board members about a recent request from a man who is on the Sex Offender Registry to attend a “re-entry” program scheduled to be in a meeting room downstairs. The event was today, the man was here and was escorted by the man who organized the event.  Alexander talked with both men, who said he is not interested in library services or programs other than this type of event.  She told them they were welcome to submit requests for further programs and they would be handled case-by-case.  Meanwhile, Magalhaes raised a question about the Board members discussing this via email, which Galstad discussed with Mandy Easter from the State Law Library.  Easter’s advice in the future is that Galstad blind copy board members so it is not a discussion.  If this particular issue comes up again, it will be discussed at a board meeting.   

Smith gave a report from the Friends. Their annual meeting will be April 20th at 7pm. Their next book sale will be May 4th and 5th.  The Friends Board approved around $9000 worth of wish list requests from the library at their March meeting. Galstad and Alexander explained that this included: funds toward each of the three summer reading programs, funds for more Little Bit kits, a larger dry erase board for use in the meeting rooms, funds to help with entertainment at the June 9th Community Meal, funds to support the Feed Your Body Feed Your Mind program this year, and funds to support future ESL classes. 
Smith said that he will be at the annual meeting and can present the Pat Dee Award.
The Foundation has not met, but Jones asked about Putt Fore the Library numbers.  Galstad said that P4L raised a record amount of money this year.

Galstad gave Director's Report: Statistics are up - circulation was up 8-9% from last year, people entering the building increased 30%. We received $500 from North Corridor Rotary – Laura went to that lunch and spoke about using the money to increase our ELL materials.
The AV upgrade has been completed.  If interested, Board members can go downstairs after the meeting for a little demonstration.
ILA planning continues – Galstad will call a meeting of the Local Arrangements Committee soon.
Legislative Day was March 15th in Des Moines.  There were 60 representatives from ILA, and they met with around 80 Representatives and Senators.  Budget news is bleak, but there was good conversation about what is important.  Galstad will go with the State Librarian and a few other representatives to Washington on May 1st and 2nd to meet with federal legislators.  In Iowa LSTA money is used for grants and to subsidize databases such as Ebscohost.
The Community Meal will be on June 9th, and we will probably be asking for volunteers to help that night.
Summer Reading Kickoff will be on Wednesday May 31st at the library.  This is the last day of school.
National Library Week starts this Sunday.  CPL is offering fine amnesty and free replacement cards this week, and also will have “Libraries Transform, Because….” sheets at the craft table for people to fill out and hang up. Next Tuesday City Council will do a proclamation. Jones will be there and will accept it.  

Magalhaes asked about ILA dates – it will be October 18-20th.  He asked if there will be sessions geared at trustees.  Galstad said it’s still in the planning stages and the trustees subdivision has not been very active, but the Executive Board and the planning committee are both aware that there should be some sessions for trustees.

Smith asked if there is anything in the legislation concerning guns currently being debated that might affect our policy.  Galstad will look into it.

The next meeting is scheduled to be May 3rd.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45.   


Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Alexander
Assistant Library Director                                                      
(Subject to approval at the May 2017 meeting.)