5.05 Laptop & Tablet Use Policy

The Coralville Public Library has laptops and tablets available for use within the library.

  1.  Coralville Public Library cardholders who have a library card and are in good standing may check out a tablet or laptop for use within the library. By checking out a device, the cardholder is assuming responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment and understanding the policies for its use. 

  2. Devices checked out within the library are not to be taken outside of the library’s security gates and may be checked out only for the amount of time specified at checkout. 

  3. The library staff reserves the right to terminate a person’s use of the library’s equipment if the patron is known to have caused problems such as disruptive behavior, abuse of equipment, or habitually turning equipment in late.  Any damage to library equipment will be assessed on an individual basis by the Library Director or Board of Trustees.

  4. Devices and any accessories must be returned to a CPL staff member at the public service desk from which they were borrowed at least ½ hour before closing time.  Devices left unattended or given to another person to use remain the responsibility of the borrower. 

  5. Overdue fees may be charged for devices not returned directly to library staff at the desk they were checked out from by the specified time.  The borrower will be held responsible for all applicable replacement costs and processing fees for the device and /or accessories if lost, stolen or damaged.  The library will not accept replacement devices or accessories purchased by the borrower.  Failure to pay any amount owed will be considered an outstanding debt to the Coralville Public Library and will be added as a fee to the borrower’s library card.  The patron will be barred from borrowing devices until the fee has been paid.   

  6. Any data saved on a library device may be erased when the device has been returned to the public service desk, and the library is not responsible for any information left on a device by the user.  Users using their own 3rd party app vendor accounts are responsible for any costs associated with downloading and should not expect anything downloaded to remain on the library device. 

  7. The library holds no responsibility for the privacy of data patrons enter onto devices.  The library’s wireless network is open. 

  8. Use of the Internet on a CPL device implies agreement with the CPL Internet Use Agreement, which is available at any desk.


Adopted: November 2013
Revised: September 2016