2.08 Test Proctoring Policy


The Coralville Public Library offers test proctoring when adequate personnel, facilities, and technology are available.

Library staff may not proctor an exam deemed too burdensome or exacting in its demands. If any of the following responsibilities are not met, the exam will not be proctored by the Coralville Public Library.

Responsibilities of student:

At least one week prior to the student’s first exam of a course, the student shall:

  • contact CPL reference staff and complete CPL’s test proctoring request form (which staff will email upon request)
  • arrange for exam materials and instructions to be sent to the Library.

At least 24 hours in advance of an exam, the student shall:

  • make arrangements with Library Reference staff to schedule and proctor that specific exam
  • make certain that any needed materials have arrived from the institution  
  • ensure that Library resources are adequate and available for the student’s exam.

At the time of the exam, the student shall:

  • provide a valid driver’s license or photo ID (if required) for verification of identity
  • arrive prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the exam
  • be responsible for securing belongings not allowed into the exam room
  • be responsible for all costs incurred related to the examination (includingcosts for postage, copying, or fax services to return completed exams to their institutions).  Exams must be completed at least 30 minutes prior to Library closing time.  Exams will be proctored only during regular hours of library operation.

Responsibilities of Library staff:

Prior to the student’s first exam of a course, library staff will:

  • process the test proctoring request form filled out by the student
  • fill out forms required by the institution* 
  • receive any needed information to access the exam and follow reasonable requirements for its handling
  • respond to requests for reserving private study room or library equipment.

*An individual staff person's signature does not indicate his or her assignment to proctor a specific exam. Individual exams may be proctored by multiple staff members. 

At the time of the exam, library staff will, as requested:

  • provide a space for the student to take the test
  • verify the student’s identification
  • issue the exam
  • periodically observe the student  if  time and other reference desk duties allow
  • return the completed exam if necessary.

The Library is not responsible for exams once they leave our possession.

The Library is in no way responsible for a student’s performance on a test, even if conditions are not optimal for test-taking.

The Library will not keep copies of completed exams.


Adopted: April 2012
Revised: May 2015